APRÉS Hypno Gel Color #12 Peridot

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Try six new colours that sparkle and shine like precious gems.

HypnoGel is a leading name in magnetic gel coats with 20x more magnetic powder.
The magnetic properties in the formula allow you to control the design better than before.

Get creative with these dazzling gels and discover the magic in its specialized formula. Use a nail wand or a Hynopen to manipulate the gel to suit your taste cure the look briefly then show it off.

Apply one layer of Hypno Gel and cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds or 2 minutes in UV lamp. Apply a second layer of Hypno Gel. DO NOT CURE YET. Use the aprés magnet to pull the magnetic gel to desired pattern. Once design is finalized, cure in LED lamp for 30 secs (2mins UV). Top with a layer of Apres Non-Wipe Top Gelcoat for a beautiful, glossy finish!


    Please note :The colour might be different when painted on different background colours