Flicka Nail Arts Small Straight Dimond

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F-SD-R Small Straight Diamond
Total length 45mm
Max. blade diameter 1.5mm
Blade length 3mm
Weight approx. 1g
Blade #200

The blade is 1.5mm in diameter with a compact tip that is easy to turn in a small radius for efficient cutting of loose cuticles.

The 1.5mm diameter, compact tip allows for efficient shaving of loose cuticles.
The bed is 3mm long and short, so it is easy to lay it down when caring for the cuticle base area.

Fine-tune the coarseness (200 grit) to accommodate various nail types.

Made of stainless steel, rust-resistant and easy to disinfect and clean. Hardness of the diamond bit makes it difficult to break or deteriorate (cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner using a bit cleaning solution is recommended).