Joujou Lueur D'origine Nuance Powder / Néon N° 4

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Elegant neon powder from joujou nuance powder series
Compared to neon powder with good coloring, joujou's neon powder is characterized by a calm color that is full of elegance by adding a pearly feeling.
For those who thought "neon powder is a little flashy" and those who "want to enjoy neon colors casually", even one color will give a casual and elegant finish

■ How to use nuance powder / néon ~
Clear gel & color gel Mix (← joujou recommended usage!)
Since it is a fine particle powder, the powder melts by mixing with clear gel or color gel, and the neon shines slightly
* After a while, the powder may sink and a beautiful neon color may not appear, so please temporarily cure it immediately after applying

Non-wipe use
After applying color gel to the base and curing, apply non-wipe gel and cure, When you rub the powder with an eyeshadow tip, it gives a subtle pearl veil color, with neon shining on the surface.

◆ Notes ◆
The color of the powder differs depending on the base color.
This product is a very fine powder. Please be careful when opening.