Kimagure Terracotta Gel Angel White

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Color:Angela White

Terracotta, which is derived from the Italian word "baked soil," is a coarse clay with a lot of sand that is used for unglazed pottery, and is also used for bricks and pots.
"Terracotta" can be easily expressed just by applying a mysterious texture like burnt soil!

* This item is a jar type.
* There is a difference in viscosity depending on the color.
* Please buffer where the horns appear.
* There is a difference in color between the image and the actual color development. Please note.
* Do not use directly on the nails.
* This product is not a cosmetic product. Do not use it for direct contact with the human body.
* Ventilate well during use and wear appropriate protective equipment such as masks and gloves.
* If you experience any abnormalities during or after use, immediately discontinue use and consult a specialist.
* Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately with running water and consult a doctor.
* This product will start to cure even with a slight light, so do not leave the cap open during use, and be careful not to expose the brush or bottle to UV light, lighting, sunlight, or other light.
* After use, wipe the mouth of the bottle clean, close the lid tightly, and store it in a dark place away from children's reach, high temperature and direct sunlight.
* No fire <<

Please be careful! 
・ Because it is easy to damage the brush, please prepare a special brush.

[Contents / Remarks] 4g

Softgel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30 seconds soak-off type