Flicka Nail Arts Foundation Starter Set

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Gently prepares the surface of the nails so that the gel can easily settle after gel-off or during new setting

It is recommended to use before processing the loose cuticle as it will remove dead skin cells around the nails and make it smooth and easy to skin down.

Sanding band (20 pieces)

The material is characterized by less frictional heat than the particles of the conventional sanding band.

Since the particles are fine, they will not be scraped too much or scratched too much, so the gel will be in a state where it can be easily fixed while reducing the risk of making the nails too thin.

Grid :400G

smooth sandpaper blade
length 12.7mm
maximum blade diameter 6.75mm
total length 38mm weight about


foundation sanding band
total length 13mm
maximum diameter 8mm