SpaLuce Mild Acidity Cuticle Remover

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SpaLuce Mild Acidity Cuticle Remover is a water-soluble remover that moisturizes your fingertips as well as the fingertips of the manicurist who performs the treatment. By using SpaLuce slightly acidic cuticle remover, you can efficiently carry out keratin care while moisturizing the nails and the area around the nails. 

The moisture lasts as it contains highly penetrating and highly moisturizing ingredients. It is water-soluble and easy to use, and will not interfere with the polish coloring, gel coloring, or acrylic nail installation.



SpaLuce(スパルーチェ)弱酸性キューティクルリムーバーは、プロネイリストの指先の潤いを守る、新発想のプロ用ネイル化粧品です。 水溶性で使いやすく、ジェルやアクリルのプレパレーションに最適なアイテムです。小さな分子量の保湿成分が爪と爪周りの角質に浸透し、潤いを与え、はりついたルースキューティクルや爪周りのハー...