TRINA Color Gel 069 Yasur Magenta

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※ Purchase under resale purpose is strictly prohibited. 

[Product number · color] # 069 Yasur Magenta

It is a series that ultimately requested the comfort of painting according to the color with the concept of "color you want to use over and over again". 

【Wavelength】 UV: 365 nm, LED: 405 nm 

* There is a possibility that the inner container will be attached to the top cover very rarely, but because the sealing force is strong, it is not a defective product. Every time, the inner container will not come into close contact with the top cover. 
※ There will be no inner lid product.




[Contents amount · remarks] 5 g

36 mm wide × 36 mm long × 25 mm high

Soak off type UV about 1 minute LED about 20 seconds M