Leafgel Space Opera On Flash M31 Platinum Silver x Silver

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Bottle Size:5g
LED 30sec curing / UV 1min curing 

This special gel is combined with Magnetic Colour Gel, which you can shape with magnets and enjoy deep and wonderful art, as well as reflected flashes to create unprecedented brilliant colours in bright light.

* Be sure to stir well before use.
* Magnet is sold separately.


[Color # 31- # 33]
These three colours emit a dazzling glow and sparkle, ornate and yet familiar.
The shining particles of the magnet are elegant and beautiful silver.

[Color # 41- # 43]
Three colours of gorgeous and deep brilliance with dense colours add a touch of glamour to your fingertips.

The flashing particles of magnets are a wonderful colour that glows in different ways when exposed to light.

* Color notation (flash glitter)x(magnet glitter)