Pregel Kimagure Transcription Gel 15g

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Clear Gel The Transcription is a clear gel placed under the design foil. A special gel that can be applied to the foil without any pain. It can be used for crafting.

* This product is not cosmetic. Do not use the product for direct contact with the human body.
* During use, be sure to have good ventilation and wear appropriate protective equipment such as a mask and gloves.
* In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water and consult a doctor.
* Since this product begins to cure even with a small amount of light, do not leave the cap open during use, and be careful not to expose the brush or bottle to light such as UV light, lighting, or sunlight.
* After use, clean the bottle mouth, close the lid tightly, and keep it in a dark place away from the reach of children, away from high temperature and direct sunlight.
* Strictly no fire
* Please use correctly in usage and usage.


Cure Time: 
UV about 1-2 minutes 
LED about 30 seconds