TRINA color gel MN-2 Basa Black 5g

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Old B007 alternative color.
We have removed the feeling of looseness compared to the old B007 and changed it to black, which is light and stretches well. Lightly painted jet black color is possible.

One color is jet black coloring. It is a color with a lot of good looks, so please be careful not to apply too much. A small amount of color with good coloring.

Daily use white, black and gray. It is a basic series with a uniform texture depending on how you use it. Ultimate color development that shines even in one color

TRINA is a high-quality and stylish gel brand with excellent flexibility. It uses a flexible resin that does not harden over time and uses pigments with excellent colour development and durability.

There is a slight change in viscosity depending on the temperature, so warm the room before use in cold weather if necessary.

36W / 48W LED Light recommended
It cures with a light of 24W or more.
[Wavelength] UV: 365 nm, LED: 405 nm