TRINA color gel MN-3 Casablanca White 5g

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Old version B003 alternative color.
Lighter than the old B003, with a texture that is just right for nuance art.

Matte white. The best texture for gradation.

Daily use white, black and gray. It is a basic series with a uniform texture depending on how you use it. Ultimate color development that shines even in one color

TRINA is a high-quality and stylish gel brand with excellent flexibility. It uses a flexible resin that does not harden over time and uses pigments with excellent colour development and durability.

There is a slight change in viscosity depending on the temperature, so warm the room before use in cold weather if necessary.

36W / 48W LED Light recommended
It cures with a light of 24W or more.
[Wavelength] UV: 365 nm, LED: 405 nm