Ringo & Mimosa RM Mousse Matte Top 12ml

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Many customers are allergic to cleansing liquids, so RM's topcoats are all non-wipe.
This minimizes the exposure of customers and cleansing liquids.

Its essence is a matte topcoat. However, the texture after curing under the lamp differs from traditional matte finishes.
It resembles suede, with a dense mousse-like texture. It provides a better, more sophisticated finish than traditional matte topcoats.

Many matte topcoats tend to wear off over time or show signs of wanting to shine.
This mousse topcoat won't,it will hold up until the end.

As for matte finishes, after applying them, regardless of color or style, they tend to appear somewhat hazy or white, significantly reducing transparency.

Mousse is relatively transparent among matte topcoats, as long as you don't use a huge amount to make it too thick. After applying mousse, your colors and designs will remain clear without a foggy appearance.

Recommended curing time:
LED:60 Seconds
UV:90 Seconds

Please note: For all gel products, it is advisable to use them promptly after opening. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or within the range of nail lamps, as it may cause surface curing or yellowing.