Pre-Order Ageha LED/UV Multiple Light

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This item is a pre-order product. Once you place an order, we will help you make an order from Japan. Typically, it takes 14-21 business days for the product to arrive in Toronto after you place the order.

Please note that we will ship your entire order together once all of the products are available. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Professional only, No exchange or Return. 

LED / UV multiple light equipped with 4 irradiation modes.
Comes in a drawer-type BOX that is convenient for storage!
* The LED light body, curing table, and AC adapter set will dissolve if a solvent such as acetone adheres to them. Please handle with care.

Irradiation mode
① Normal curing setting (irradiation time 30 seconds)
② High power setting to prevent curing failure (irradiation time 30 seconds)
③ Curing heat reduction setting to suppress curing heat during gel curing (irradiation time 45 seconds)
④ Setting to simultaneously irradiate the wavelength of visible light and ultraviolet rays to further enhance the gloss of the top gel (irradiation time 60 seconds)

UV and LED compatible
Curing heat reduction function
Weight: 360 g
Wavelength: 380, 405 nm
Voltage: AC100- 240V
power consumption: 25.8W ± 10%
Light source: 8 visible rays, 8 ultraviolet rays
Output: 19Vdc / 1.36A ± 10%
Frequency: 50-60Hz


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