TOY's x INITY Non-wipe Shine Top Coat 12ml

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Toy's Non-Wipe Shine Top - Four Key Features

1. Outstanding Mirror Finish!
2. Exceptional Shine! Achieve a glossy satisfaction boost.
3. Smooth Texture for Maximum Ease of Application.
4. Improved Brush Design! (Thinner bristles than the previous version for easier application)

Top gel can be challenging.
If it's too thick, it can trap bubbles and be difficult to work with. If it's too runny, it can flow and not hold its form.
It needs to have a balance of smoothness, viscosity, and surface tension.

The brush shape and thickness are also crucial.
Unlike containers, gel brushes are specialized, and using the right brush makes a big difference. This time, the brush is absolutely amazing

And the hardness after curing.
Balancing durability, shine, and resistance to chipping is tricky.
This product nails it

Plus, the mirror effect lasts.
Whether it's 30 seconds or 1 minute, it's unbelievable

But above all, the shine. Shine. Shine.
Even if everything else is perfect, without shine, it's a no-go.
But this one shines like crazy