Leafgel Color Gel 000 Hard White

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Leafgel Color Gel 000 Hard White

High-density white art gel! 000 is the strongest color in Leafgel Premium’s collection, and unlike 002, should not be used as a base color. It is recommended for super fine line work, as well as creating 3D art such as shell design, flowers, and marble. You can also create 3D work on top of a finished nail - once topcoat is applied and cured for the appropriate time, you can draw your 3D design with 000 and cure, don’t worry about applying the top gel as 000 cures with a non-tacky layer and will not change color over time!

4g (Please note that Japanese gel jars are customarily smaller in size. It is normal for jars to be only 2/3 full. Each jar is measured in the factory and contain 4g of gel each)
UV 1 min curing
LED 20 sec curing

**Store in a cool, dark place away from any direct light sources for longevity.