Emena Terracotta 3D Powder TD01 15g

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3D Powder "Infinite 3D Art in Your Favorite Colors"
Simply mix with color gel! Adjust the texture to your preference depending on the amount of powder,Create 3D art and embossed art as you wish with this powder.

How to use:
1. Take gel and 3D powder in a ratio of approximately 1:4, and mix thoroughly with a spatula until evenly blended.
2.After applying and curing the base gel/ color gel/ top gel. Next, create several blobs of similar size to the ones in the diagram. Use a silicone brush or similar tool to spread them out like petals, then cure.
3.Repeat step 2 as necessary to shape the petals into your desired flower.
4.Apply and cure a layer of top gel over the entire design to finish.