Flicka Nail Arts "Mani"

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flicka nail arts gel brush series

From the beautiful finish of the base color to various types of art, the gel brush series specializes in the ease of use and quality of workmanship. From the simple and versatile original series to the spin-off series that can be used for different types of art, you can recreate the world of flicka nail arts.

flicka nail arts "mani" gel oval

This oval brush is specialized for beautiful base and one color application, and is excellent for gel manipulation. The brush is carefully made in Japan using high quality nylon that does not crack or spread easily. The brush has a shallow oval shape that is squared off, making it easy to smooth and even the surface. The brush is designed with a thin tip to make it easy to apply around the edges.
The bristles are exquisite in texture, volume, and length, and can smoothly guide soft to hard gel to create a beautiful form.

(With cap) Length: 80mm, Inside diameter: 8mm

Length: 144mm Bristle length: 7mm Bristle width: 6 Thickness: 1.9mm