Flicka Nail Arts "Art"

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flicka nail arts gel brush series

The flicka nail arts gel brush series is designed to be easy to use and to produce a beautiful finish for base colors and various types of art. From the simple and versatile original series to the spin-off series that can be used for different types of art, you can recreate the world of flicka nail arts.

flicka nail arts "art" gel liner

This liner brush can be used for all kinds of purposes, from drawing fine lines to creating stable lines, blocking and filling in French lines. The brush is made of high quality nylon and is made in Japan. Also, the length and firmness of the bristles are finely tuned to match the viscosity of the gel, so you can use it without stress and improve the quality of various artworks.

Length: 80mm (with cap) Inside diameter: 8:mm

Length: 154mm Hair length: 12mm Hair width: 1.5mm 1.5mm