Inity AC-02G Sand Pale

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The Art Medium Collection is a unique art gel that comes in two different types
You can enjoy the feeling of art even with just one color.

Available in two different textures

Plain Series (3 colors)
-Thick and rich whip type gel.
-3D texture that makes brush marks look like art.
It can be used to create plaster-like nails.

Cream Sand Series (3 colors)
-Creamy sand gel that is soft and comfortable to apply
-Can be used for decorative coloring like a sand wall.

Color Types
Plain Series
-Pure AP-01M
Rich, pure whipped white
-Pale AP-02M
Rich skin beige that does not lift off the skin
-Jet AP-03M
Oily blackish-brown coke gray

Cream Sand Series
-Sand pure AC-01G
Plaster white with sandy texture
-Sand pale AC-02G
Calm, bluish sand beige
-Sand jet AC-03G
Inorganic dark charcoal sand