Krimth Wonder Up Gel Brush Smooth Gradient N(Normal)

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Nail Artist Exclusive Gel Brush for Salon Work

A purpose-specific gel brush designed to support you with confidence in your daily salon work. By using different gel brushes for different purposes, you can not only reduce treatment time but also increase customer satisfaction.

Ideal for Gradient Art By thinning and widening the tip, the brush disperses pressure, making it easier to guide the gel on the surface and perfect for creating beautiful gradients. It also allows precise gel manipulation without flattening the gel's volume, making it great for creating highlights and other intricate details.

Considering the amount of gel it holds, the thickness is designed to prevent gel accumulation within the bristles, ensuring easy brush control.

Material: Finest domestic nylon
Hair Length: Approximately 6-10mm
Thickness: Approximately 2mm
Total Length: Approximately 148mm

The metal parts of the handle are plated with pure gold to ensure it can be used with peace of mind even for those with metal allergies. ※ Please note that not everyone may be free from allergy reactions.