Pre-order Leafgel Premium Extreme Clear Plus 25g

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This item is a pre-order product. Once you place an order, we will help you make an order from Japan. Typically, it takes 14-21 business days for the product to arrive in Toronto after you place the order.

Please note that we will ship your entire order together once all of the products are available. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Professional only, No exchange or Return. 

Extreme Clear Plus Base Gel offers excellent adhesion in a nice medium viscosity that is easy to apply and control. It adheres extremely well to the natural nail but can also be used as an overlay and mixing gel.

Soaks off easily in 7-10 minutes with acetone with no damage to the natural nail plate when gently removed. It comes in 3 sizes.

Look for the light blue bow when you reach for your base.

- 4g - 8g - 25g
- UV: 1min curing
- LED: 20-30 sec curing