Leafgel Sanding Free Plus Base Gel 8g

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New sanding Free plus is a specialized base gel for fill-ins! 
It has higher adhesion and a harder texture compared to the old sanding-free base gel.

It would be a little bit harder to soak off than the old sanding-free base gel because it has high adhesion but it will last longer!

  • Super strong adhesion after curing. It has high hardness and excellent durability and is ideal as a base gel.
  • No sanding is required
  • With an appropriate texture, it is possible to make a beautiful and smooth base without shrinkage!
  • Can also be used in a variety of nail art techniques to decrease bumpiness and bulkiness 
  • Soak-off is also possible.

[Curing time] UV ​​2 minutes / LED 30 seconds
[Capacity] 4g, 8g

*This is a base gel.