Portable Nail Drill Machine UV-902 Gray

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UV-902 Key Features
Brushless Motor
Incorporates advanced brushless motor technology, ensuring stable and efficient performance for a smooth user experience.

Speed Adjustment and LED Display
The uniquely designed knob allows easy speed adjustment, while the LED screen provides a clear display of the operational status, ensuring precise control.

Aluminum Alloy Body
Constructed with high-quality aluminum alloy material, ensuring a lightweight yet robust product with exceptional durability and longevity.

Power Bank Functionality
Equipped with power bank functionality, enabling convenient charging for other devices, adding versatility to both your work and daily life.

Multiple Color Options
Available in classic colors such as black, gray, and silver, catering to individual preferences and showcasing a touch of professional elegance.

Product Parameters
Product Color:Black / Gray / Silver
Speed:0~40000 rpm
Pen Size:141*20mm
Product Gross Weight:1kg

This product, with its outstanding performance, innovative design, and multifunctionality, serves as an indispensable tool in professional settings, providing reliable support for various applications.