Ringo & Mimosa RM #2 Top Gel 12ml

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#2 Top Gel is a top coat gel product designed for nail art. It boasts excellent fluidity, making it easy to apply and ensuring even coverage across the nail surface.
Additionally, it is particularly suitable for use in Mirror Powder nail art designs, delivering a dazzling effect to the nails.
The product exhibits excellent stain resistance, keeping nails vibrant for an extended period.
Unlike other products, #2 Top Gel is free from fluorescent agents, making it safe for health. It also offers a degree of scratch resistance, protecting nails from damage. After curing, it presents a subtle cool tone with a hint of blue, enhancing the allure of the nails.

Recommended curing time:
LED:60 Seconds
UV:90 Seconds

For specific instructions, please refer to the video provided in the introduction.

Please note: For all gel products, it is advisable to use them promptly after opening. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or within the range of nail lamps, as it may cause surface curing or yellowing.