Ringo & Mimosa RM Bijou Non-wipe Gel 10g

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    The features of this Bijou gel are:
    • Non-wipe: no uncured gel, allowing direct application of mirror powder afterwards.
    • Crystal-clear: Gel does not yellow and remains transparent after curing.
    • Compatible with flat-back crystals and V-cut crystals.
    • Achieves pronounced, 3D lines with strong brush strokes.
    • Gel does not string, allowing for precise application and maintaining the integrity of 3D lines.

    Recommended curing time:
    LED:90 Seconds
    UV:120 Seconds

    Please note: For all gel products, it is advisable to use them promptly after opening. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or within the range of nail lamps, as it may cause surface curing or yellowing.