Ringo & Mimosa RM Peel Off Base Gel 12ml

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    Instructions for Use:

    1. Clean the nail surface with nail cleanser, no need to file the nail surface.
    2. Apply the peel-off base coat onto the nail surface like a regular base gel, then cure under the led/uv light
    3. Subsequent steps should be carried out as usual, just like when using a regular base gel.
    4. When removing, use a wooden stick to pry open the edges, then soak in warm water for a while to easily peel off without causing damage to the nail surface.
    • It can also be used to apply press-on nails (the kind you change every week to 10 days).
    • Since there's no need to file the nail surface before applying gel, using this peel-off base coat causes minimal damage to the natural nail.


    1. It provides a stronger hold compared to regular practice base gels, yet thanks to its unique formula, it is easily removable.
    2. It is especially suitable for beginners learning nail art who need to practice frequently on their own nails, as well as nail enthusiasts who love to change nail styles frequently.

    Recommended curing time:
    LED:60 Seconds
    UV:90 Seconds

    For specific instructions, please refer to the video provided in the introduction.

    Please note: For all gel products, it is advisable to use them promptly after opening. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or within the range of nail lamps, as it may cause surface curing or yellowing.