Tati Artchocolate Brush Camel(Slim)

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The flat brush with a maneuverable edge is ideal for meticulous work on the cuticle and side straight lines. Its moderate firmness allows for clean application, even with harder gels, without the brush tip spreading. It's made with high-quality PBT resin (nylon), which has a smooth surface that helps prevent gel from sticking and allows for soft brush strokes without any stiffness.

Due to the manufacturing process, there may be scratches or peeling of the coating on the shaft, but it doesn't affect the use of the brush.

Material :PBT
Hair Length :8mm
Hair Width : 4mm
Thickness :2mm
Length: 142mm

Tati brushes are both good for professionals and starters.
As of 23/05/31 14:00, there will be a price increase.