Maorame Beige 3g

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◾️ Product introduction ◾️

Maorame is an original lame that is carefully selected from only three colors that go well with mao gel. An exquisite blend of two sizes of lame. Maonail original glitter cut into circles and squares. If you want to create a gorgeous look while giving a sense of omission, leave it to Maorame.

◾️ Recommended points ◾️

・ Lame made of the finest material using 100% sterling silver. A single application will make your fingertips shine brightly.

・ Maorame is a mixed lame that is a mixture of a large square holo and fine lame. Among them, Maorame is positioned as "clean mixed lame". The large holo is simply a square, and is composed of beautiful fine lame that fills the space. This "square" shape is unusual and is used by many customers.

◾️ Product Details ◾️

Contents: 3g

◾️ Precautions for use ◾️

・ Keep out of reach of children.

・ Do not leave in direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, or extremely low temperature.