Leafgel Premium Sculpting Gel II 8g

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This advanced soak-off builder gel cures hard and shiny with almost no heat. You can sculpt long extensions with the option of soak-off removal.

● Exclusive gel for sculpting
● Hard type with sufficient hardness
● Bubbles unlikely to enter, finishes with beautiful clarity


- 8g, 25g
- UV 1min curing time
- LED 30sec curing time

- Can also be used as a top coat or to embed 3D pieces and other art


-Soak-off (Soft gel) Sculpting System

  • Plastic nail tips limits the fit for some nail beds
  • Customize the shape and size for your clients' nail bed (allows you the freedom to form the perfect foundation, shape, balance, and curvature for each nail)
  • Create extra strength and sturdiness for the nail structure
  • Easy soak-off removal