Pre-order Shareydva Nail Machine KEVIN

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This item is a pre-order product. Once you place an order, we will help you make an order from Japan. Typically, it takes 14-21 business days for the product to arrive in Toronto after you place the order.

Please note that we will ship your entire order together once all of the products are available. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Professional only, No exchange or Return. 

By adopting a brushless motor with a rotation speed of 30,000 rotations, this machine is quieter and reduces dust clogging due to the elimination of air holes compared to previous models. Carbon brush replacement is not necessary, but we recommend that you send it for repair if abnormal noise or vibration occurs.

◆ Handpiece Rotation speed: 3,000-30,000 rotations Forward and reverse rotation available

Accessories :
Dedicated handpiece stand
Dedicated pouch
Rubber stand
Belt clip

● Rotation guide
Initial speed: 3,000 rotations
Dial 1: 5,000 rotations
Dial 2: 10,000 rotations
Dial 3: 15,000 rotations
Dial 4: 20,000 rotations
Dial 5: 25,000 rotations
Dial 6: 30,000 rotations

・ You can use the product while charging, but please unplug the charging cable after it is fully charged. Also, we recommend using the grounded power cord to prevent power surges.