Tiny GEM-027 Banana Soda

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Tiny TikiTaka JJUU & SODA Collection

Hop into spring with Tiny’s newest TikiTaka collections!
These two bright-colored palettes look great alone or combined!

Tikitaka JJuu is an 8-color syrup collection with a semi-transparent milky finish.
These colors have buildable coverage and are great for creating seamless gradients, marbling, or layering.

Tikitaka Soda is an 8 piece magnetic set is filled with unique 3-tone glitter pigments so they can be worn multiple ways.

To create the “Magnet ON” effect use a magnet above the nail to enhance pigments and make shapes.

For the “Magnet OFF” effect place the magnet below the nail to drag the pigments down to create a shimmering glitter effect. 

There are no other magnetic gels like the new SODA set in the market. You’ll get the feeling of having 2 different sets of gels with them.

Combine these 2 TikiTaka sets together for an undeniably stunning effect!
Each 8pc collection comes with 1 standing chart and 1 post-it note style disposable palette.

Life is too short to have boring nails, paint in color with TikiTaka!

*The special packing is a limited edition and the collection
will come in a regular box after its sold-out*