TOY's × INITY Pink rose Window Nendo Gel Suika Gummy T-PND06 8g

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From the popular Nendo Gel series, Pink Rose Window KAI-sensei presents a new collection! These are 10 vivid colors that look just like gummy candies.

This 3D gel can be shaped by hand, allowing you to create textures that a brush can't achieve! Even when applied thickly, it doesn't feel hot during curing. You can create strings of gel, cure them partially, and then tie or braid them. Mix it with white Nendo Gel for pastel colors or with black Nendo Gel for dusty colors, giving you endless possibilities.

- If the gel sticks to your silicone stick or gloves, use a small amount of solvent to handle it.
- Due to the product characteristics and manufacturing process, there might be a small amount of dust in the container.
- This is not a no-wipe product.
- Suitable for UV/LED lights only.
- Recommended to use lights with 36W or higher.
- Because it contains pigments that block light, it’s best to use it with a thickness of 2.0mm or less (1.5mm or less for T-PND06 and T-PND10).

**Curing Time:**
- UV/LED light (hybrid light, etc.): 30-60 seconds