Joujou Lueur D'origine Nuance Powder / Velours éclat No.3

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Unlike the "Velours" series currently on the market, this new series has a finish that accentuates the "sparkle" and "graininess".

Magnetic powder with larger particles for a glitter-like finish.

N°2 and N°3
It has a smooth and beautiful shine with just the right amount of graininess.
It can also be used as a mirror powder.

It can also be used as a highly fluid magnetic powder.
Lueur d'origine nuance powder" is a highly versatile item that can be used by "tapping", "mixing", and "rubbing", which are the characteristics of "Lueur d'origine nuance powder".
In particular, N°2 and N°3 can also be used as mirror powder, making it a versatile item to have.
N°1 cannot be used as a mirror powder.

Apply the magnet lightly from both sides, release it, tilt it and look at it repeatedly, and when you can see the sparkle of the magnet powder beautifully, please cure it☺︎.
*If the amount of powder is too little, it may not sparkle beautifully.

■Tips on how to use Nuance Powder Velour Eclat
You can also use the magnet stick for cat's eye art.
Mix with clear gel and apply. Before curing, hold a magnetic stick (sold separately) close to the gel for a few seconds to create fantastic patterns and lines.

After curing non-wipe gel, take a small amount of powder on an eye shadow tip and rub it on the eye shadow to make it shine slightly.

You can also use the powder as lame.

You can mix it with color gel to make your original gel.

You can make your original color powder by mixing powders together.

The texture of the powder can be expressed by tapping it lightly with an eyeshadow tip or gel brush.

A matte coat can be applied at the end for a beautiful velour-like finish.

*We do not recommend any particular gel manufacturer, but there may be differences in adhesion and finish due to the nature of the gel used by each manufacturer.
Please understand this in advance.

Color may be slightly blurred due to manufacturing rods.

The color of the powder may vary depending on the base color.

This product is a very fine-grained powder. Please be careful when opening the package.

Please be careful not to get the powder into your eyes, nose, or mouth.

The color of the product may look slightly different depending on the shooting conditions, the filter settings of your device, and the protective sticker. Please understand.

Please stir before use. Please purchase only if you understand the difference.

Please make sure that there is no abnormality on your skin or nails before use. If any abnormality is found, please stop using the product, consult a doctor, and follow his/her instructions.