Pre-Order Leafgel Premium Dual-wave Cordless LED Light

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This product is a pre-order item, and typically, we receive the product within 14-20 business days after placing an order. We will promptly ship it out upon receipt.

Dual-wavelength of 365nm(for UV) and 405nm(for LED) exposure can cure basically any UV gel, LED gel & UV/LED gel, of course including every LEAFGEL PREMIUM gel

  • It comes with a detachable white base.
  • Wavelength: LED405nm+UV365nm
  • Color: White
  • Body size:21.8㎝×21.3cm×9cm
  • Weight: 995g
  • Voltage:100~240V
  • Power consumption: LED24W
  • Batter capacity: 5200mAh x3 (15600mAh)
  • Charging time: 3-4 hours
  • Timer: 10 sec / 30 sec / 60 sec / 120 sec


* Low-heat mode is available on 120 sec only

** Battery lasts about 4 hours (continuous use) when fully charged

*** You can use the lamp with the cord attached.

No Exchange/Return