Lem Color Gel 30 Colors Set

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Contents 3g x 30

Curing time
LED 30 seconds / UV 60 seconds

All colour chips are applied with two coats.
Do not apply directly to nails or skin.
Please understand that there may be slight differences in colour depending on the device you are viewing

lem. 30 Colors Set 

m003 Soft
m004 Plaster
m005 Kinako
ms201 Cork
ms202 Caramel
ms203 mahogany
m006 Brick
ms204 Terracotta
ms205 Flax
m007 Ocher
m008 Pear
m009 Willow
ms206 Raw Amber
ms207 Taupe
m010 Denim
ms208 Hyacinth
m011 Naval
ms209 Haze
m012 Lead
ms210 Forest
m013 Spruce
m014 Muddy
m015 Coconut
m016 Choco
ms211 Byron
ms212 Sepia
ms213 Mortar
c501 Swamp
c502 Tea
c503 Amber